Had to write this for my English class, 14 line of iambic pentameter…a Shakespearean sonnet. I had some fun with it. Almost makes me want to get into Old Norse poetry, such as fornyrðislag, like Myles Mulkey-

The Woodsman

I was out in the forest one cold day
And hewing some tall birches b’tween the fells
From nowhere, a horn blowing in the grey
Thought I, “From whence came that noise ‘mid the dells?
From a wayfarer assailed by brigands
Or merely a hunter calling his dog?
My work here cutting these trees; that contends
In my mind with what happens past the fog”
My ashen-hafted axe bit the icy wood
Like a devouring wolf, and I forgot
The bellowing horn till before me stood
A troll with a gory club, of oak wrought
I realized then, what had caused the horn
And fled from there, my birch logs left forlorn.
-Luke Shearer


About Luke Shearer

I'm a Christian, a bladesmith, a student, an artist, a runner, and a bunch of other things. Above everything, I'm a Christian. I feel like, as professor Tolkien did, if I am a Christian and just do what I do (my art), the Gospel will pop up in all kinds of beautiful ways I cant even control. I don't feel there's a need for overt references to crosses or other symbols, as good as they are, in my work. I feel that, because God invented the whole universe, I am free to draw on pretty much anything, and if it's beautiful, it will reflect him. If the prime end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, it is my view that bladesmithing is just as good a way as any to do that.
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